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Big Laser Cutter

By jorisammerlaan. Last update on 30 Jan 2018.

The lab has a 40 watt laser cutter from the Chinese brand Morntech. This machine can cut and engrave sheet material to a maximum working range of 50 x 30 cm. (currently 47.5 x 28.9) The machine is suitable for cardboard, wood, perspex, leather, textile and rubber, but not for metal or chlorine-containing plastic (such as vinyl). We have recently adapted the electronics in this machine so that we can use both open source (LaOS) and closed source (Mornlaser) software + hardware.

This laser cutter can be controlled in two ways.
This uses built-in open hardware from LAOSlaser and you control the laser cutter via the open source program Visicut. At the moment this is user-friendly and usually easier because you can control the laser cutter with your own computer. the drawing program Inkscape works well in combination with Visicut and we advise people with a laptop to install both, after which the laser cutter can be controlled wirelessly from the own machine.
As with many open source projects, Visicut and LAOS laser are still under development. For instance, the cancel button only works with some delay. But since it is open source, everyone can help. Visicut on GithubLaOS on Github. Replique montre.