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The trending incremental game is made up of unlimited <a href="">cookie clicker</a>
This lamp is called a puzzle light because you need to assemble a number of pieces into a sphere, oval, etc.
For a school project, I laser-cut a single servo robotic claw from Instructables.
I've cut a stencil from paper, so I could creatre this print with suger on a cake.
I have cut plywood to make belts buckles. The belts are made with recycled bycicle tires and the buckles with recycled pieces of plywood
I made this box for my Thermostweet, a thermometer that tweets every hour what temperature it is.
I have found a technique developed by Snijlab, to bend wood or plexiglas. You cut the wood in several lines over an area of about 2 cm.
a mounting plate for the Logitec NX-50 mouse for the ring sensor of Globe4D.