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Mirror suspension system for office ceiling

By bezoeker on Wed 23 Dec 2015 09:58:48


Dynamic mirror suspension system for office ceiling, made out of simple materials.

rubber, mirror, wood






Mirror clamp:

  • 4x M4 bolts, min. 30mm long
  • 4x M4 disc's, diameter max. 15mm
  • 4x M4 nuts

Mirror clamp to slider:

  • 2x M4 bolts, min. 40mm long
  • 2x M4 discs, diameter max. 20mm
  • 4x M4 discs, diameter about 12mm
  • 4x M4 nuts


  • 4x M4 bolts, min. 20mm long
  • 2x M4 discs, diameter about 20mm
  • 4x M4 nuts
  • Carole Forestier et le reste de l'équipe de Cartier méritent d'énormes félicitations pour leur pensée créatrice. Cette replique montre ne sera pas commercialisé sous cette forme, mais il est un projet important et étonnant avec un potentiel intéressant.
Step by step instructions: 

To start I cut my initial design out of carton, that's a fast and cheap way to check if everything fits and works out as planned.

The hardest part was the part that holds the mirror, I didn't want to drill in the mirror and I didn't like to make a part as high or wide as the mirror, because that would make it less flexible. So I went for two holdings points, one on each side.
To hold the mirror I also cut out rubber parts.
After the first test I ran into the problem that just pinching two parts over the mirror together using bolts on the side didn't work. The solution was to put something extra on the other side of the bolts. See image.

I noticed it was important to use disks since the bolts and nuts would drive into the wood, making the construction weaker.
The mirror I wanted to hang up was to heavy for my earlier construction, so for the bigger parts I used two layers of wood.
When you make the following construction and the width of the wood is much thicker than the nut you put in, it's hard to screw it tight. See the following image.


The result is a design that you can cut from 2 300x500mm wooden planks and 125x40mm rubber.

If your material isn't 5.6mm thick you need to adjust the design. I've marked the parts with green lines that need to be adjusted to the thickness of your material. There is also one part you need to adjust to the combined thickness of your mirror and the two rubber parts. These are marked in red.

Please add the machine settings you used to the machine settings page of the machine you used. 

Further developments: 

Enable a way to access the bolt in the slider construction, so you can easily fasten the bolt tight. It's now closed and to thick to have access. Redrawing the design using the svg editor, so that adjusting for other material thickness is easier.