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Puzzle light

By kvriet on Tue 11 Apr 2017 19:03:14
This lamp is called a puzzle light because you need to assemble a number of pieces into a sphere, oval, etc.




Construction time: 
Cost estimation : 
  • paper, something like 120g or heavier
Step by step instructions: 
  1. Download the .svg file and open it in Inkscape.
  2. Adjust the size of the individual pieces to your liking. The pieces in the original file will produce a 30-piece sphere with a diameter of roughly 22 cm (pictured).
  3. Send the file to Visicut
  4. Put your paper (A4 sheets in my case) in the laser cutter. You can cut 6 sheets of 80g paper at once with the settings: power = 60, speed = 10. There might be better settings out there.
  5. Assemble your lamp. See this website for instructions:
    This might seem daunting, but remember two things:
    - each straight edge goes underneath a curved edge
    - where the hooks join, all the hooks should be of the same size


Please add the machine settings you used to the machine settings page of the machine you used. 

Design files: 

Sometimes the lasercutter will hit the honeycomb below the material and produce typical burn marks on the paper. To avoid this, place a spare piece of paper underneath the paper you want to cut.