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Sea Shell

By LaBestiaSalat on Tue 5 Aug 2014 13:57:04
We engraved a name on the back side of a sea shell, We thought the shell was too strong and too white but finally worked.




Step by step instructions: 

The idea was to engrave the name of my girlfriend in a shell so I can give to her as a gift. It worked perfectly.

first engraved with a 100 power 100 speed with no effect

Then we cutted with a 100 power 5 speed and a little effect

then We putted a foam support for the shell because we turned upside down.

And then we tried to engrave in the inside of the shell with 100 power and 100 speed with no effect (engravin resolution 500).

The last was cutting 100 power 5 speed with a perfect result. 


Marc Salat Vilardaga 



A lot, we tried 5 times untill we got a nice result.

The material is stronger than we thought in the begining. 

We can see also a better result if we engrave in the back side of the sea shell.

Further developments: