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FabLab presentations

FabLab Amersfoort frequently organises presentation evenings, which give FabLab and BioLab managers a chance to showcase their work and share their experiences. Interested in presenting and showing your FabLab creation? Send us an email. There is no fixed entrance fee, but we work with a value assessment afterwards.

The next presentation evening will be held during Spring at the WAR, on 2 April at 14:00.

DIY t-shirt printing, laser cutting wood, or 3D-printing?

FabLab Amersfoort is an open workplace with digital tools/equipment that you can use. We have a 3D-printer, a laser cutter, and a vinyl cutter to make stickers with. All these machines work on open source software. You can design something at home and then make it yourself at the FabLab. The idea is that you work with the machines independently. You can find the instructions for the machines on this website. Our FabLab managers are always happy to help if you can't quite manage on your own.

FabLab worldwide

FabLab is a worldwide initiative. The starting points of all FabLabs are listed in the Fabcharter. Open access, own responsibility and sharing knowledge and designs are central ideas. FabLab Amersfoort runs without subsidies.

Fees, contribution, and deposit

In return for using our machines, we expect a contribution, with a value assessment afterwards. You can offer this contribution in several ways. You can do a chore at the FabLab or contribute financially. In addition, you can share your design with the community.

When you start working with the machines, you pay a €50 deposit, which grants you access to the materials. The materials you used, such as wood, stickers, and filament, you pay for at cost price. When you're done using the machines, you let the FabLab manager know how you want to contribute. Depending on your FabLab experience, you can leave (a part of) the deposit behind, or do another little job.

It is also possible to rent the entire FabLab for a bigger project, a meeting, or something else. This does involve a fee.

Opening hours Amersfoort

FabLab Amersfoort is open every Tuesday from 10am to 22pm (admission until 21pm) and every first Saturday of the month from 10am to 6pm..