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FabLab Amersfoort
Geldersestraat 6
3812 PH Amersfoort

email: info [apenstaartje] fablabamersfoort [dot] nl

We can also be reached via Matrix / Riot, an open chat application and chat protocol (also a reasonable alternative for What's App). This is accomplished easiest via the Riot web application: (Riot is also available on different mobile platforms, see

Please note, house numbering in the Geldersestraat is not signposted clearly, and access to the Fablab is through the Binnentuin area of De War. See photos below for the route:


There is a double step at the entrance of the FabLab, visible in the photos above. A wheelchair ramp is available, however the lab itself has narrow doorways and is not entirely accessible.

Please note: An accessible toilet is not available.

Route description

From highway A28 (Utrecht - Zwolle)

Leave the highway at exit nr 5 (Amersfoort-Zuid) and follow the directions ‘Dierenpark’ and ‘Isselt’ (centre of commerce) for about 5 km until you reach the Amsterdamseweg. Turn left after a hardware store named ‘GAMMA’, then right (Nijverheidsweg Noord) and then left again (Geldersestraat). On the left, behind a wall, you'll see a building with the Fablab sign on it. 

From highway A1 (Amsterdam - Apeldoorn)

Leave the highway at exit nr 12 (Bunschoten) and turn left into the Bunschoterweg (N199) to Amersfoort. After 3 or 4 roundabouts a bridge crosses the river Eem. Turn left after passing this bridge (Nijverheidsweg Noord). Go straight at the first crossing with traffic lights and then left at the next crossing (Geldersestraat). On the left, behind a wall, you'll see a building with the Fablab sign on it. 

From station Amersfoort (Bus)

About every 10 minites a bus leaves to the Brabantsestraat. From here you walk towards the water and you go left before the bridge. You then walk up to a big building with Spullenmannen on it, you go left here and you'll find the fablab behind the second fence. 

From station Amersfoort (walking around 20 min)