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Main Facts

  • What is the mission of your FabLab?
  • What are the target groups of your FabLab?
  • What are the core values of your FabLab?
  • What aspect sets you apart from other FabLabs?
  • What would you like to learn from other FabLabs?
  • Who makes the main decisions at the FabLab?

Financial situation

  • How is the FabLab financed?
  • Who is responsible for the financing in this FabLab?
  • Does this FabLab provide wages for its employees?
  • How is the budget distributed?
  • What are the highest and lowest costs for this FabLab?

The organization

  • What is the organizational structure of this FabLab? (Departments)
  • How is the internal communication organized in this FabLab?
  • How often are managerial meetings held?
  • Which tools do you use for your internal communication?
  • How is external communication organized in this FabLab?
  • How do you communicate to potential customers?
  • Do you have any advertising program or marketing strategy?

Online communication policy

  • What are the online communication policies of this FabLab?
  • Who is responsible for online communications?
  • What are the online communication tools?
  • What is the budget for online communication?
  • What are the goals for online communication?
  • What is the current online communication strategy?


  • What is the size of the lab where you develop your projects, specifically, the square meters of your rooms?


  • The type of equipment do you use, and in what quantities?
    You can find info on our machines on our machines page

    Next to that we have some small tools, like screwdrivers, pliers, power drills, soldering irons, etc.