De War Badge
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This is a game box for game cards, such as magic cards. The box is completely parametric. You will need OpenSCAD to open de document.
De schroeven in de keuken moesten wat netter worden, ik heb muurhaakjes ontworpen en uitgesneden.
This lamp is called a puzzle light because you need to assemble a number of pieces into a sphere, oval, etc.
Een sneakerwinkel, waarin de opslag en de gevel met elkaar samenwerken en zijn ontworpen vanuit een open vakjeskast.
I have cut plywood to make belts buckles. The belts are made with recycled bycicle tires and the buckles with recycled pieces of plywood
I made this box for my Thermostweet, a thermometer that tweets every hour what temperature it is.
The casing of a technical prototype for a HKU project to do experiments with.
I have found a technique developed by Snijlab, to bend wood or plexiglas. You cut the wood in several lines over an area of about 2 cm.