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game box

By kvriet on za 2 jun 2018 23:13:20
This is a game box for game cards, such as magic cards. The box is completely parametric. You will need OpenSCAD to open de document.
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You will need wood and glue for this.

Stap voor stap instructies: 
  • (Download OpenSCAD ( ).
  • Download the box file and open it in OpenSCAD.
  • Enter the variables you'd like to use (the box is fully customisable).
  • Export the file to .dxf .
  • Open the .dxf in Inkscape (
  • Position the parts to your liking (for faster cutting, "combine" the lines for the parts that need to be cut as one piece, then join the nodes)
  • Export the drawing to Visicut ( You can also use Visicut on the FabLab computer.

Please add the machine settings you used to the machine settings page of the machine you used. 

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