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By Katarzyna on di 2 mei 2017 09:52:34


A wooden logo of a project on the maquette.




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Onderdelen lijst: 

1. Prepare a vector file

2. Save to a suitable format

3. Buy the materials

4. Laser cut

Stap voor stap instructies: 

1.     The logo consists of two elements: 1.wooden plate with the name of the project, 2. the palace.

2.     Draw the logo. Both elements should be in different artboards. The Parts of the logo that will be cut, marked, or engraved should be in different layers and indicated by adequate colours.

3.     Save the file into .dxf

4.     Convert .dxf file to .eps file

5.     Send both files to the lasercutter

6.     Clean the wooden elements with a sandpaper

7.     Glue the elements (and paint it).

8.     Fix the logo to the maquette.

Please add the machine settings you used to the machine settings page of the machine you used. 

Mislukkingen : 
  1. The .dxf file (from AutCAD) was imported to Visicut to send the file to the laser cutter.  It did not work as all the drawn elements occured in one layer and were not recognized as polylines. Therefore, I converted the .dxf file to .eps file which was possible to be open with Inkscape and send to the machine.
  2. The Inkscape opened the .eps file. However, all the elements of the drawing were in one layer (CUT layer). Marking and engraving were not possible. Moreover, it was not possible to edit the file. It seems there was a problem during the convertion from .dxf to .eps file. To solve this problem, I oversaved and changed the name of the file. Since then, it was possible to edit the elements and move them to the correct layers (CUT, MARK, ENGRAVE).
  3. Some elements of the logo were burnt in the cutting process. It was because they were too little. 
  1. Draw a picture in a vector software that let you save the file in .eps format and can be directly send to the laser cutter.
  2. When using a file converter, expect that the original file can be modified and some problems may occur.
  3. Make sure that the drawing elements are not too small, thin and short. They may be burnt  by the laser machine.