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The Lightgun

By peteruithoven on zo 22 jul 2012 23:34:44


The casing of a technical prototype for a HKU project to do experiments with.
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  • A couple of M3 buts and nuts (sometimes cut op for a specific length)
  • 4mm MDF wood
  • A ballpoint pen spring
  • Arduino mini pro
  • 9v battery
  • IR LED
  • Small pushbutton with long button
  • Wire
  • Resistors
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Doing this project I wanted a technical prototype that was sturdy enough for people to hold it withoud thinking it was fragile, something that was relativly easy to do, cheap and prefferably flexible. After considering 3D printing, CNC milling I came up with the idea of simply layering layers of wood, that I cut out using the laser cutter. 

To not make it to hard on ourselves we seperated the design by starting with the trigger, because this was a rather independent and interesting part. In the first image you see some very fast sketches of possible solutions, then I started drawing in Illustrator and quite a while later I started laser cuttign the first prototype out of cardboard. After some itterations we started designing the whole gun. 

This time I also cutted out the whole design in "miniature" a couple of times, which at one time showed me that the outer part didn't fully cover the inner space. After iterating with mainly cardboard, cutting out a final wood design we had the frame of the gun. 

Leaving "only" the implementation of the electronics into the gun. 

Please add the machine settings you used to the machine settings page of the machine you used. 

  • Remove the holding construction for the Arduino, making more room and use double-sided tape.
  • Make more room for wires from the front to the Arduino. 
  • Make the force behind th trigger adjustable by putting one side of the spring over a disk on a bolt. 
  • Make the gun a little bit stronger by using a extra bolt in the handle.
  • Deepen the nuts, by doing a lot of engraving with the laser cutter. 
  • Make the trigger less sharp?